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Friday, March 5, 2010

Kawaii-Ness ♥

How I end my deepest nightmare --
That day, after our BTT, we took a bus to woodlands MRT. He were sitting infront, I'm standing behind. I see him through the mirror. His face, so close yet so far... The unfamiliar but true face, the ugly but once loved face. Ever since that day I've finally know that's not the one i want and after that day I don't know how to cry.
That's the time I've finally let go. The day after, he changed his status from Single to "in a relationship". Luckily he break this news after I've let go of him, if not that feeling would be unimaginable - that's the best present he gave. Surprisingly, that's the girl I've suspected long ago. 6 sense is never wrong.
Its funny - When I saw his status changed to "In a relationship", I gave a smile, thinking, "Chey, 10 days after we break". But one kaypo friend of mine spotted that they started their relationship at 28 FEB, seriously FML, that was 5 days after we break. Last time we were in a relationship 7 days after he break with his previous one without me knowing. I should have thought of it. He did that to the previous one, he will hurt me the same way too. And anyway, they already had something going on before we break so no point counting how many days and this and that. But the first thing that really came to my mind is that, he is having another one when we meet for BTT, that's totally gross.
And I really want to tell you, those crap you told me when you want a breakup is totally bullshit. What never find a GF within this year, What smoking, What pill, What different, What dream, What only child, What you and me... ...
But my friends were saying, at least you break up with me is because you've found another girl. And It's not that I'm not good enough. I hope that should be it... ... But not something else.


1:12 AM

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kawaii-Ness ♥

I don't write anything about you in my facebook status is because i don't want to let you know that i still think of you... But i don't miss you...

Although I seriously admit that i don really understand you, but i knew that you wont be going for the BBQ... Exactly as what i think, but that doesn't affect anything. Nonetheless, its more interesting...!!!

- One more thing, i found this job paying 10/hrs... Starting at Mar4....


3:16 PM

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kawaii-Ness ♥

My friend had a broke up on valentine day. Thanks goodness, YongWei didn't did that to me. But he had a new girlfriend 5 days after we break. Is it worse or equivalent..?

Life is just so unpredictable. But life have to go on. There's a better one ahead. So, CheerUp :)


11:44 PM

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Sometimes i do think of you. But i don't miss you. And seriously, i regret not slapping you.


3:02 AM

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Friends are Forever, Guys are Fucker --
I'm really shouting, I've recovered.

Thanks for the accompany from my friends and family. They are the best. And I'm glad to know a friend because of him. She's the best partner to clear my doubt. Love her lots...

And lastly, fuck him to leave me in a sudden. For the time being, I've experience the worse departure. There's really many unpredictable things in life. The first day we met, we were friend. The second day we met we were couple.

And just in one day, we became stranger. Thinking back how we use to be so loving during that 4 months, its really disgust to bring us into this situation.

I just want to tell you. I'm having a good life now. Back to the self me - independent and strong. And what's more is, I'm more cheerful and confident. And i really have to say, thank you for the fucktard things that you taught me and caused me to be stronger and better.

I always thought that Ex-Lover shouldn't and will not be friend's after they broke. But seriously, i don't find it an awkward or a difficult tasks cause I've put everything down. But now, he's the one avoiding this and that. Don't you act like i will be crying and beg for a patch when i see you. Never will it happen.



12:29 AM

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kawaii-Ness ♥

So this is the way you taught me how to grow up. Fuck you to scarify my heart to grow up.


1:04 AM

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kawaii-Ness ♥

Time stops here. 2 days before our 4th month anniversary.
You are a passerby of my life. You are once part of my life. You are once I love loves loved. You left me the most happiest 4 months I ever had. The memory will stay, the pain will go.

I love you. <3



11:12 PM